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A novel concept in rotary wing technology

Introduction to Hoverfly - a miniature indoor electric helicopter


Imagine the sense of achievement when, after a few unplanned excursions into the furniture, suddenly the Hoverfly is floating in the air in front of you, rather precariously at first but with increasing confidence. Soon you are progressing from hovering and precision landings to the new challenges of nose-in flying, figures-of-eight and other exciting manoeuvres.

It is an aviation axiom that helicopters are the most difficult of aircraft to fly. In the model world many have proved the truth of this by the wreckage they have created and many more have been inhibited from even trying by the cost of conventional models and the support equipment they require.

But now the invention of the Hoverfly has opened the way for anyone who relishes a challenge to learn the art of helicopter flying at a fraction of the normal expense and with the minimum of frustrating down-time.

The Hoverfly offers by far the most economic entry into the world of helicopter flying, and is unique among small indoor models in that it handles just like its larger bretheren, which makes it superb as a training machine. Its lightness and robustness make it very "bounceable" but if the worst should happen it is easily and quickly repaired and spares prices are so low that the pocket is not strained.

Small size - perfect for indoor flight.

Realistic flying parameters - eases transition to larger outdoor models.

Precision tail control - with a sub-miniature yaw rate demand gyroscope (Model H101).

Unlimited flight duration - without batteries, via a mains power unit and a thin, unobtrusive command line.

Simple and robust mechanics - the brains are in the Electrocyclic collective-cyclic control and the electronic rate gyro.

Easy and economic repairs - all parts available from the UK manufacturer - Snelflight.

R/C transmitter-friendly - operates from standard TXs with minimum of four channels and trainer socket. (Not included.)

Ready to fly - with 240v power unit, Electrocyclic control processor, training undercarriage, decal kit, connecting leads and instructions. (Models H100, H101)

Helicopter - available separately (see models H---XX , details below).

"What the papers say....."

"... flies exactly like a conventional (model) helicopter ... seeing is believing ..."   Aviation Modeller International, February 2000

"... extremely bounceable ..."   BMFA News, February 2000

"Dream Machine" "... amazed at the stability of the model and its very smooth response ..."   Model Flyer, January 2000


Suitable transmitters are available from most R/C model shops.  Ask for one with four channels and a trainer socket.  For Hoverfly, you won't need the crystal, receiver, servos etc.  Transmitters have two joystick controls and are usually battery powered.  They can be used to control cars, boats, and radio controlled aircraft, as well as Hoverfly.

See below for a package including Hoverfly and transmitter.  The transmitter currently available from Snelflight includes:

To use this with a radio controlled model you would just need to plug in a crystal, (not included).

You can pay a lot for more transmitters: some come bundled with receivers, servos etc., and some have lots of fancy computerised features and more channels.  None of that is needed for Hoverfly.

Suggested Selling Prices (inc VAT)

H101 Hoverfly with Gyro complete, with Electrocyclic controller, power supply, signal leads 195.00
H101XX Hoverfly (model and command line), with Gyro. 125.00
H100 Hoverfly complete, with Electrocyclic controller, power supply, signal leads 169.95
H100XX Hoverfly (model and command line) 99.95
G100 Gyro (Upgrade) 35.50

Snell & Wilcox staff special trade-price offers

Until 31st October only
Extended until Christmas 2000!

The most popular model - H101 complete with Gyro stabiliser:
Normally 195, for S&W staff only 147 including VAT

** Complete package from Snelflight ** Until 31st October Christmas 2000 only
Includes H101,
transmitter, nicad battery and charger:
Normally 247, for S&W staff only 199 including VAT

Snelflight Ltd, Churchill House, 57 Jubilee Road, Waterlooville, Hants. PO7 7RF
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Telephone: 023 9225 8999, Fax: 023 9225 1333

You can collect from the factory, or arrange with Violet Snell @ Durford for free delivery to S&W sites.

We shall be delighted to demonstrate the Hoverfly in action, but please give us a ring first.

Spare parts

Hoverfly is very tough, but accidents do happen.  A full range of spares is always available at very modest prices.

Click here for a full spares price list.

Post/packing 1.50, except items marked (*) 4.50, or collect from the factory.

Training and simulation on a PC

Many people find it helpful to start with a PC simulation, using the same transmitter, (i.e. joystick controls), and a special PC helicopter simulation program made by a company called "CSM".  This comes with aerodynamically accurate simulations of various model helis, including the Snelflight Hoverfly.  People who have learned to fly the simulation can normally fly a Hoverlfy first time!

Snelflight can sell this to S&W staff at a trade price of 89.99, compared to the manufacturer's suggested selling price of 109.95.  This special price includes:

Alternatively, Roderick is happy to lend people a copy, (plus the required dongle), to help them get going with their Hoverfly.  This zip file contains the CSM software.  Expand this to C:\, (keeping the directory structure).  You will also need a dongle, transmitter, and connecting lead.

Click here for more information about the CSM simulator.

More information

  Please contact Roderick Snell if you have any queries.